Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hidden Treasure -"Dog Beach" Morro Bay

 Six miles north of "The Rock" of Morro Bay is a section of coast owned by Chevron.

 This area is "dog friendly" to well-behaved dogs.  They are allowed to be off-leash in this one section that is maybe two miles long. 

 The signs going in to the dog beach tell users -
"keeping the beach clean and dogs under control." 

 The understanding is simple.  Dog owners have to be responsible for this section of beach to be open for use.  The off-leash right is fragile and revocable at any time.
 One of the few off-leash areas along the central coast of California.
 Bailey and Chloe had a great time.  The weather was grand.
The Rock of Morro Bay off in the distance

The exit off of Highway 1 is Yerba Buena Ave.  Then a quick right through a neighborhood to the parking area.  Our motor home was just about too big for the parking lot.  In the summer, we would not have found a place to park.


Amanda said...

I remember driving by that part of the coast on our big trip a few years back- it was so gorgeous! It's great that you found a dog park. Most of the beaches in TX are technically not for dogs, but people tend to let the dogs play anyways :)

mareandrose said...

I've traveled that way several times with my dogs, usually staying near Cambria. Would have loved to have known about that beach! Next time...

Anonymous said...

We are going up to Morro Bay this weekend with out 2 greyhounds (retired racers) We chose Morro Bay over Pismo specifically so the girls could enjoy running on the beach!

Rod Michaelson said...

Hope the grayhounds have a wonderful time. It is a great wide open beach.
As long as owners stay responsible for their dogs, Chevron will leave it open. Went back just a couple weeks ago. Nice as ever.

Anonymous said...

what adorable dogs. especially that last picture! can't wait to take my dogs there.

Anonymous said...

Currently visiting Morro Bay, this is a wonderful dog beach. However, I would suggest driving past the Yerba Buena exit and keep heading north on Hwy 1. There are turn outs at the beach itself, even dog poo bags. Our dogs, Osaka and Kyoto, ran for hours on the beach and in the surf. This is the best beach we have found.

Anonymous said...

Not six miles.

Anonymous said...

At Toro Creek Dr.

atagrl said...
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pat pelland said...
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michelle said...

Such an awesome spot!! My 2 vizslas had a great time. To clarify location:
(Coming from south)
Exit Yorba Linda St
Make a left under freeway
Make a right Toro Ln
Drive all the way down to the North Park Nature Area
Park and walk down the stairs.
Off leash area for several miles to the north of the stairs.

Unknown said...

Is that parking better than they the residential area? There are only 15-20 spots . Must get there early or get lucky. Thanks for comments