Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Hidden Treasure" Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

Along the Central California Coast is the little town of Cambria.  On the northern part of the city is 364 acres of open space above the Pacific Ocean.  Much of it allows for controlled off-leash dogs to enjoy the grassy bluffs over the pounding ocean surf.

We had a great time walking along the hills while Chloe and Bailey ran along brush and trees.  Off in the distance sea lions and seals could be heard barking.
This was the last stop on a 5-day RV trip starting in Pismo Beach and Morro Bay.   
"Hidden Treasures" are one of Joanie and my driving forces when we travel with the dogs.  These are spots where the dogs can run "free."

"The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve" is a great stop for both 4- and 2- legged visitors.

We always carry our "dog bible" in the RV.  This gives us these hidden jewels.  There will be 4 other posts of great dog places we came across on our trip.  No trip is complete without our Vizslas' being able to enjoy the trip also with off-leash runs.


Anonymous said...

Wish we had more places like that here so I could legally let mine off and not feel like someone is watching me from the bushes... Then again a lot of the dogs out this way seem to be lacking in training so in a way I'm glad they have the rules. Maybe more places should have a test you can pass to earn an off leash tag, have heard of that for places near here.
New run locations are always fun

Cindy Mommsen said...

Excellent, I just ordered that book.