Sunday, September 20, 2009

What "Vizsla Rescue" is about

Went to my first Northern California Vizsla Club Rescue group picnic yesterday in Vacaville, California. This event took place out in the country and the dogs had a wonderful time.
Bailey wanted to get close to Jack, one of the dogs needing a foster home, by standing over his back. We had some very happy dogs in the group.

Going to dog shows, it is common to see the booths for most breeds also have a booth for "rescue."

People who have this compassion for the breed and the well-being of those Vizslas that end up homeless have my sincere respect.

The Vizsla is a lucky breed to have such dedicated owners. I have friends who have fostered Vizslas for years. Also another friend who gets nothing but rescued Vizslas. Special people who love these special dogs.

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VizslaMom said...

I volunteer with Southern California Vizsla Rescue. That's how we got Dennis. Fostered, fell in love, then adopted him. My husband writes a blog for him at