Friday, September 25, 2009

Athletic Vizslas

The Vizsla is a very athletic dog! Like a young person talented in sports, we should encourage our charges to find their abilities. The above dog does long distance dock dive competitions. He is a member of team red dog. The U.S. Marines tell their recruits to "be all you can be." We can do the same with our Vizslas.

There are many folks around the world that strive to the highest level of accomplishment for their Vizslas. I have had the opportunity to met a few of them. They love and respect their dogs and the bond is very close.
Here is a story earlier this week on the Yahoo group Vizsla FT. This was from Lee Dosier about a young man named Cory :
"Then to have a 13-year-old kid train and handle the dog to his qualifying score is even more surreal. He is the youngest handler to get a "Prize 1 Utility Dog" and now he is the youngest handler to get the "Versatile Champion" with a perfect score of 200 points. Think about that, no car or driver's license to go train when you want. You need to bum rides for you and your dog.

While the folks are very good people, they have a life to live and work and chores to do, so Cory's time was very limited. But he did the best he could with the hand he was dealt and made no excuses, just went when he had the opportunity. This was also his first hunting dog so that is even more entertaining. I think we can all learn something from this guy. He is a rare kid, especially these days. "

EncourageItalic kids and friends to get out and do more with these athletes. The time out in nature does the humans good as well.

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