Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Very Rare Transylvanian Hound

 Over the last 4 years that I have known about the other royal Hungarian hunting dog besides the Vizsla, I have been a fan of the breed. The Transylvanian Hound.  If you search the name you will find several posts about the breed.  Here is from my friend Maria about a rare breeding in the mid-west of this uncommon dog breed.

"Just in case you  know of someone would like a Transylvanian Hound of their own, I thought I should let you know about these babies…and quick before they are all gone! They are in Indianapolis, but if someone in CA is interested, I will bring a puppy back for them. Since so many people read your blog, there may be people in the mid-west who may be interested too. This is Rommy’s first litter and at 3.5 years old, she is a great mama. Nancy Elder, her owner, doesn’t intend to breed her again, so I don’t know when there will be another litter born someplace other than CA. 

Nancy has been doing a wonderful job with the puppies too! They are being lovingly and carefully raised and trained by Nancy along with their parents Rommy (“Anika”) of Californian Transylvanian (from our Jan 2013 litter) and Ivó of California Transylvanian (born in Romania). Nancy, like we do here, has been involved with raising and training the puppies since they were  born. They started with early neurological training from just a few days old, helping them to develop into more versatile and resilient dogs. They have been very well socialized, are being crate trained, car trained, potty trained, leash trained and trained in basic manners and skills. Someone is with them all the time to ensure their safety as well. 

These exceptional puppies are getting ready to move to their new homes. If anyone is interested in them please have them contact either me, or Nancy Elder at 317-695-1182 or for additional information. More pictures of the puppies are available on our California Transylvanian Hounds website or on FaceBook at the Transylvanian Hound Club."

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