Friday, September 9, 2016

Beyond Hope Resort Idaho Loved Bailey and Chloe

Sam Owen National Park lies 3 miles east of the town of Hope, Idaho.  This was our dry camping spot for the first week of our Northern Idaho adventure. The skies were overcast the first few days and we even got a little overnight rain one night.  Nothing much.
At $22 per day, the park is a top pick for vacationers from the Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Alberta.
The shores along Lake Pend Oreille ( pronounced Ponderay) were wonderful during August.  We arrived on a Monday afternoon. Even making reservations two months prior over the internet, we could not stay at the park over the weekend as it was fully booked.
So we moved 1/4 mile for the weekend to Beyond Hope Resort.  This is a nice resort for camping and RVs.  There is electricity and water and WiFi so we felt we were in civilization, but a bit pricey at $50 per night.  Great place and time of year.  Very dog friendly area.
Sunset over Beyond Hope.
Great trails all around the resort and San Owens that were off-leash wonderlands.  A deer, turkey or quail got exercised each hike by two happy Vizslas running happily through the woods..


Mat Smith said...

Hello Rod my name is Mat Smith with FCA we met a few months back at a golf tournement. I had my wallet stolen that had your contact info in it. I would still like to bring my dog out just trying to figure out a way to get ahold of you!!

Rod Michaelson said... is my e-mail