Friday, April 17, 2015

Historical Vizsla Document

The above is the link to the rest of the document AND a link to the original Hungarian letter.

This document is the most important document
 of the modern history of the Hungarian Vizslas.
 At least to those who care about the history 
of the breed at all.

It was stored in Canada.  No one knew - 
after the end of the 1960-ies - what it was all
as it was written in Hungarian
 and put aside
 as one of the documents of no importance. 
Until 2010 - when by a pure chance -
 I was asked to tell what this letter was about.
 As soon as I've read it, I knew this
 was what 
we Hungarians always referred to as
 the "missing link"
 of the Hungarian Vizsla History, 
the link we
 Hungarians always talked about and
 regretted we didn't have. 

I realized immediately the utmost
 importance of this letter, 
as it identifies the old Hungarian Vizslas
 before and during 
World War II., the ancestors of our
 Hungarian Vizsla stock,
 we Hungarians thought were lost
 to us forever because
 all the approximately 700 pedigrees 
of Vizslas disappeared 
after the World War II. Some say the
 pedigrees were "saved"
 from the Russians, some say they
 were simply stolen. 
Up to today the pedigrees are lost 
and there is very
 - if any at all - hope they will ever
 be found, as the
 person who took them is no longer 
alive and he
 never revealed where the pedigrees were.

Therefore this is the most important
for all people seriously involved in
 Hungarian Vizsla
 as it identifies the ancestors of all 
Hungarian Vizslas today.
Mihály Kende was a very important person
 during and
 after World War II. within the Vizslas.

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