Monday, April 13, 2015

So Mean

 Planted (placed chukar - a smallish game bird) birds in the field for mostly young Vizslas in the Northern California Vizsla Club "Fun Field Days" event last Saturday morning.

One of the pups found a planted chukar and pounced.  Before he could grab the bird, it flew and landed on Tiffany's tailgate.  Tiffany was my fellow bird planter for the morning. 

Her poor dog was stuck in its crate and could only look longingly.

So mean of that bird.  After a  good laugh and a few quick pictures with my cell phone, we sent the temptress of a bird back into the air.

Great time watching Vizslas of all ages, but mostly pups, come across game birds for the first time.    This is what they were born to do.

And for my friend Pam Lambros and her pup, a great weekend. 
 Along with Fun Field Days the German Shorthair Club was having a field trial.
Olive had a great weekend. She took a first place in Open Puppy, a first place in Open Derby, and a second place in Amateur Puppy. This little pup is just such a fun girl. -  Pam

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