Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Fifth RBD Fourth of July

This is the fifth 4th of July for Redbirddog. Much has changed since that first post a little over four years ago.  Don't know where to go from here with the blog as my passion has mellowed along with Bailey and Chloe.  They are now six and five years old.  Slowing down is not how I would describe them but more secure in their own personalities.
I find I have nothing to prove to myself or anyone anymore.  Bailey will finish his Senior Hunter in a couple weeks with one more pass.  I am confident he will pass one of the two trials.  Then we are done.
The trip Bailey took to Colorado to run in the Vizsla National Gun Dog Championship was the pentacle of accomplishment for this dog.  He proved his mantle as a high quality hunting dog.
The last of the Bailey - Sophie litters goes home in a couple weeks to her new owners.  Three litters of healthy Hungarian Pointers were created.  17 pups with not one problem or issue.  Quality dogs by a great breeder in Placergold Vizslas.  I was happy to do my little part in these creations.
Now I have to move into another passion:
  Civil activism. 
 As an American, I am bound by my faith in the roots of this country to protect it from a pending tyranny taking place over all our lives.  Along with trying to shine light into darkness there is a strong commitment to the safety of my community.  For about a year now I am an active member of the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).  A team leader of a search and rescue squad in the event of an emergency that overwhelms the first responders.

  My involvement in the Vizsla Community has been wonderful and I will stay in touch with friends I have made over the last few years.

This is a very different July 4th than the world I first blogged about in 2009.  Transitions are tough to grow through, but if we look at the faces of our wonderful Hungarian Pointers, we can see the 1,000 years of happiness and sorrow that makes up the essence of this breed.  A strong breed.  A breed with a purpose.  A breed to be proud of.

I will continue to blog but much less.  I must learn how to fight tyranny.  Not easy nor fun but I sure can't leave it for someone else to do for me.   Sometimes you have to stand and do what is right, no matter how tough.
If you ever want to find me, look in the hills in the East Bay almost any Saturday or Sunday morning.  There you will find Bailey up front with Chloe following her "big brother" and me hiking along enjoying the land and watching the nature that is the Vizsla.


Anonymous said...

Our Vizsla Lucy (1 yr) could use a great East Bay hike, where do take your Vizsla's hiking?

Rod Michaelson said...

you can e-mail me at

I hike Las Trampas, Briones, Shell Ridge, Redwood, Sunol,
Morgan Territory, Point Pinole, Carquinez Straits, and wherever else I can let them off leash without too many people around and good open country where they can stretch their legs.
I'll be out on the trails Wednesday night if you want to join us.