Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Bailey DIDNT finish Senior Hunter

 In the fields of Hastings Island, the sunflowers and corn are  growing green and tall.  Here, next to the bounty of food, we attempted to get that final pass (we have four passes) that would have made Bailey a Senior Hunter.
 Training is the bedrock of field trials and hunt tests.  The trick is it has to be ongoing and current.  Things learned last spring do not seem to carry on for months.  

Today Bailey failed because he avoided the "honor".  He had decided he wanted to keep on hunting.  In field trials, you train to "avoid" the honor, if possible, by being the dog that is way out front. Bailey is almost always in the bird fields before the other dog gets there. 
 Bailey didn't bother the other dog on point, but looked at him for a second, "blinked" (as it is called), and turned to run back into another part of the bird field to find birds.  The judge called out the traditional, "Thank you handler."  When you hear that, you know your dog is out of contention for a pass.  Both yesterday and today there were problems with the honor. 

We will train more.  I'm fine with that.  We will get the Senior Hunter title.  Judges really enjoy watching Bailey hunt.  He found birds, pointed and retrieved perfectly.  We'll be out in the field again this fall with Ken's help to get that last pass.
  Pheasant hunting season starts early October at Hastings.  Looking forward to it.  Bailey is a joy to hunt behind. 

Highlight of the weekend.  Bailey's pup "Gypsy Belle" is stacked by Julie after her final run and is now:
 Placergold's Gypsy Belle JR.

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tknafox2 said...

I Love youe ATTITUDE...
Yes Baily will win Senior Hunter status! Sounds like he is just haveing too much fun!