Sunday, March 3, 2013

Honorable Scars

I am reading my copy of "Pointing Dog Journal"
(a great magazine for those who love their Hungarian Pointer as a hunter)
On page 14 there is Rick Smith's Trainin' Dogs article: "The Overprotective Owner."  Early on he explains about hunting dogs and injuries: ... "
"However, being a hunting dog is a fairly high-risk occupation, and it's one that our dogs would choose even without our participation given the opportunity."

Later on: "Bird dogs that hunt will get scuffed up and scrapped up.  Dogs that stay absolutely perfect throughout their lives aren't doing much hunting.  That's a fact of life, and there's no way to guarantee a dog will never get a scratch or dent.  Those are considered honorable scars, earned in the field and on the job, and they add to the dog's character."

Bailey's new scar came from an earlier barb-wire injury.  Our vet did a great job and the scar should hardly be seen when it heals completely. 
 Just a part of owning a hard-charging hunting dog.

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