Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chloe and Lily's Door

Just a dog door.  But thousands of folks who have walked by our house has been greeted by two red bird dogs bounding through this opening to say:
 "Hi, we are Bailey and Chloe, and we live here!"
I posted these next two pictures about 18 months ago (August 2011).
The doggie door was so big!

Back when Lily was a small pup next to the doggie door

Lily has grown up a lot in that time.

Lily came by work so we programmed a message board for her

Not so little anymore, but still she can use the "doggie door" to go out into the fenced yard

Chloe and Lily both getting older
The new Extra Large All Climate double magnetized flap door ready to install

The five-year-old door had been opened a million times

It was time to start with a new one for the next five years

Chloe going on six years old ready for her next six

Chloe's first time through her and Lily's new door

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