Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hungarian Pointer

"From the first moment I saw a Hungarian Vizsla I was captivated by the breed and I am still. To this day, the breed does not cease to enchant, captivate and arrest me. I appreciate his manifest devotion, his loving and emotional sensitivity, the nature which craves approval and a loving touch. I admire his ability to switch to the wildness of his animal world which he does not relinquish for one moment, and which lurks there as part of his very being. This is the essence of him, and I love being responsive and responsible for nurturing his natural instincts as a gundog."

"To me he remains the proud creature that I met nearly 30 years ago standing in the sunlight, his russet-gold coat rich against the spring green. He was alone in a field, alert and agile, every muscle tense, head held high, nose twitching, aware of nothing else but the sights and senses in his dog world. He relaxed and threw himself on the ground and rolled, pressing his shoulders deep in the grass, pushing his muzzle forward into the daisies. Finally he lay still on his back, his legs in the air while he gazed at the passing clouds. This joy and zest for living culminated in one last ecstatic fling before he sprang to his feet effortlessly and stood proudly as before. He caught sight of us laughing at him. He ran towards us wagging his tail with delight. I never cease to appreciate this breed's ability to move me and then reduce me to laughter by its ridiculous antics."

From "THE HUNGARIAN VIZSLA" by Gay Gottlieb

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