Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Barter: Pheasant for Fruits and Vegetables

Bartering not for the fruit or the vegetable but for the knowledge of how to be a "gatherer."

I have been working on my "hunter" skills for a few years now.  But the whole package of self- sufficiency requires "Hunting and Gathering."

My goal is to be self sufficient in five years.  I'm learning how to harness solar power, and other skills that make it so I am not "dependent" on outside energy.  

This is something I have been working on since the fall of 2008 when I believe our country took a wrong turn.  I won't get political; just practical as I saw the writing on the wall that hunting would be an endangered activity and gun ownership was going to be troublesome.

So here is the deal:
I have a 20 pheasant bird card at a local club that I will be able to start using this late fall.

You, if you are reading this own a Hungarian Pointer; one of the best upland bird dogs around.

I have Bailey as my hunting partner.  We are a good pheasant hunting team.

You want either to be part of a pheasant hunt or bring your Hungarian Pointer on a hunt.

I have everything it takes to do a hunt at Hastings Island.  You (and your dog) can be my guest.

You have KNOWLEDGE about growing fruits and vegetables that I would like to possess.

My barter:  One day pheasant hunt with Bailey and a dressed out pheasant for one day of showing me how to use my little 1/4 acre suburban plot to grow fruits and vegetables.

I could spend A LOT of money on plants and trees and kill them or produce lousy produce.  I could hire someone to show me how to do it.  OR I could use the age old system of barter.

Barter is another skill I'd like to get very good at.

That's the deal.


Next barter item:  Canning for pheasant.  Want to learn the art of canning all the fruits and vegetables I will be growing.

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