Monday, September 5, 2011

A great walk in the hills is "priceless"

Living in this part of California, anything can be bought for a price.  If you can afford it, you can find it.

Then again, a walk in the hills on a bright cool summer morning with my Vizslas is priceless

I can not buy this feeling.  I can not write a post on this blog to convey the feeling.  By the time we are done with a two-hour walk in these hills, the feeling of serenity of being is powerful and priceless.


No two walks in these hills are ever the same.
A deep ravine in a wild area of Briones
Came across this cow and a VERY young calf (days old) in the middle of a quiet, remote trail.  We had to walk around

Chloe and Bailey along a small trail through the woods

Overlooking the hills of the East Bay
Viewing the valley in search of ground squirrels

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Rod Michaelson said...

New blog cover picture. I liked it a lot.