Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hidden Treasure - Sunset Beach, Russian River

Just off the River Road along the Russian River we spent Saturday and Sunday enjoying the sunny warmth of Saturday and then the coastal fog drizzle of Sunday morning.

Sunset Beach is easy walk from River Bend RV resort.  Dogs on-leash is the official rules of the park.  We went early Sunday and had the park to ourselves. 
Don't tell any officials that we broke their rules once we got down to the river's edge.

We like to park the RV at the River Bend Resort.  It is right on the river.

Site R-11 River Bend Resort

The Russian River Pub cooks up great pub fare.  The Hilton Park is nice but not as dog friendly as the River Bend.


John Connelly said...

Looks great Rod - and who could complain about two such beautiful hounds in the early morning... Cheers, John

Anonymous said...

I was volunteering at Pt Isabel to collect signatures to support keeping East Bay Regional Parks' dog policy as is (members of the SF Sierra Club and GG Audubon are pushing for restrictive rules, tho' the dog policy has worked well for decades). You might be interested in knowing that over 4 hrs I met about 10 people who drove down from Sonoma County. They have almost no place to walk their dogs off-leash up there. That's a long drive to take your dog on a walk... - Marilyn

Anonymous said...

That day I was in the same area with my dogs, but along Austin Creek (where 116 meets the road to Cazadero). It's beautiful and a great place to spend time with your dogs, especially if they like to swim. Wish I'd seen your beautiful dogs out there!