Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gathering of the Northern California Vizsla faithful

Yesterday, Joanie and I joined 50 other dedicated Vizsla owners at the annual awards luncheon.

New officers for 2011 were elected for the Vizsla Club of Northern California.  Five very good new officers were elected and the Vizsla in the northern part of California (and northern Nevada) is in fine hands.

  The commitment to the well-being of the breed and the continued efforts of rescue of Vizslas in the west are the high goals of the VCNC.
 We are proud to be members of such a dynamic group of individuals.
 Many of my role models in the sport of field trialing were sitting around the tables exchanging stories and sharing a wealth of knowledge on the breed.

Thank you to all of those who work and have, for years, worked so hard to make the Vizsla a "world class" dog on the West Coast. 

For more information on the Vizsla Club of Northern California.

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Mike said...

THANK YOU for sharing Rod! Very nice write up and pictures!