Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Alpha Female of Vizsla Rescue

Kay and Bailey in front of Kay's rescue van.

 Kay Ingle, the driving force of Vizsla rescue in California, is also the breeder who gave us
Highlander's Bailey's Wildest Dream ( Bailey.) 

Kay went to the extraordinary measure of flying her female in the spring of 2008 to the Mid-West to breed to a stud of champion dog lines.   

For many years, Kay has tirelessly brought unwanted Vizslas and hopeful adoption homes together.  She tackles some of the hardest cases to adopt with love and compassion.

She has to be an Alpha female to deal with all the dysfunction that comes with the issues in this world.  Tough decisions have to be made with people's "throw away" dogs. 
In her spare time, she walks and talks with people interested in the breed during Vizsla Walks.

Vizsla Rescue Haven should be supported by all those looking for a good cause in the dog world.

Picture of Bailey - now all grown up at 2 1/2.
Kathi Boyd doing a quick "stack" in the parking lot

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