Friday, October 8, 2010

Hunt for the dog or dog for the hunt?

As I get ready for a week on the prairies of the great Midwest, I know something about myself that not all others, who own Vizslas ,will agree.
(Internet picture in North Dakota)
I am going for a week hunting pheasant because I love watching my dog work a field in search of the birds more than the act of hunting and shooting the bird.  Maybe I will feel different when I get back.

I've been thinking of all the hunters that I know that get dogs to hunt with.  A good bird dog is like having a good shotgun.  It all about getting the best "tools" for the "hunt."  A water fowl hunter will get a good Lab and a upland bird dog hunter will get a tough German Shorthair Retriever.  Maybe a Britney, German Wirehair, Vizsla or other pointing breed.  A good dog is a good tool. 
(Internet picture of hunter with his Vizsla)
I'm not a "hunter."  When I go out into the fields, I do love the experience of watching Bailey search and then point the prey.  Then when he holds until he is released for the retrieve and then him retrieving back to my hand.  This is what "turns me on."

Looking forward to my week in South Dakota with my friend Ken and running three great young two year old Vizslas.   Hank, Scarlet and Bailey doing what they were bred to do.  HUNT.

I should bring back 15 pheasant for a great bar-b-que of roasted pheasant at work the week after I get back.  I have someone I work with that knows how to marinate pheasant.   It will be a great lunch for the staff at work.

A week after we get back, we head up in the motorhome to Hungry Valley, just north of Reno, Nevada, for a walking field trial.    We will then be doing field trials once or twice a month for the next six months.

Happy trails and trials.

I love the fall!

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Ken and Janet said...

Congratulations Rod - that's the step from a shooter to a sportsman!