Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chloe will join us in South Dakota

Chloe was a last minute "add" to the mix for Ken and my hunting trip to South Dakota.

Chloe is my "soft" three-year-old Vizsla female that will guard the house while we hunt.   Maybe we can slowly work on her "gun noise" fear while there.

We are going to be far away from the internet and civilization, or at least what we in the San Francisco Bay Area call how we get through the day - "civilization."

No internet to post our hunting and praire advenutures.

Taking the "good camera" and hope to get some great shots and have some good "stories" from the plains upon our return.

1,463 mile drive one way.    Are we nuts?

No, don't answer that.

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Radar Red Dog said...

No you're not nuts Rod...just a crazy vizzie owner like us!! Thought you'd like to know - young Rio picked up his first bit of feather this week...he couldn't manage a whole pheasant (too heavy for the little chap!!) but did pick up the wings (attached to a dummy) AND brought them straight back to my hand...I was SO proud!