Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Pro taking Bailey to that next level

Went out Saturday morning to Hastings Island and spent some time with Bailey and his trainer.  After a short visit in the kennel, we went out into his training field to work Bailey on some birds. 

 The weather was great.  A gentle breeze was blowing in from the west and temperatures in the mid 70's.

I am extremely pleased with my choice of trainer.
Randy, in five weeks, has taken my "derby dog" and turned him into a fledgling "field trial dog."
Bailey and Randy still have a lot of training to do.  I, in the meantime, have a tremendous amount of learning I've got to accomplish before I handle Bailey in the "big leagues."

 We now think Bailey can make it up to the caliber of competition  that he was bred for.  There is a potential champion under that strong golden russet coat, those good bright eyes and great bird scent catching nose.
These pictures do not show how steady Bailey has become to wing and shot. 
That would take a video. 

Bailey is responding very well to the training. 
It is quite the joy to watch. 

"Thursday I worked him with another dog. He honors as far away as he can see and didn't jump on any shots.
He continues to point birds at an ungodly distance and didn't jump on any of those shots either.

I killed a bird for him and sent him on the retrieve. He held until I sent him." - Randy.

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Radar Red Dog said...

That's fantastic - Bailey's come on in leaps & bounds...congratulations!