Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Field Trials and the role a horse plays

By Roxanne M. Coccia

What is a field trial?

"In a nutshell a field trial is competition to see who has the best bird dog on a given day. It's a way of showing off that dog.

 How does a horse fit into all of this? The horse is an integral part of field trials. It is traditional to use horses instead of mechanization.

 Horses and dogs frequently go together from Dalmatians that followed coaches to English Foxhounds running in front of hunter horses.

Two competitors ready to go. Both have Paso Fino. TWH in the background. The horse on the left carries a water bottle for the dog in addition to the check rope.

People who like dogs often like horses too.

 In field trials horses add something besides being a tool.

 They make you feel closer to the way things used to be and they don't make the constant noise like machines do.

And the American Kennel Club does not allow the use of mechanized vehicles for its trials.
 There is also a certain aesthetic value that they add to the field trial.

There is something very enjoyable about riding a gaited horse behind fast moving dogs out in the open.

It gives you a sense of freedom and you soon leave the office and other worldly worries behind.

Starting a Brace

You just about have to forget your worries because if you are running a dog all you attention will be needed on your dog. And especially if you want to win or place in the trial. And you need a good reliable field trail savvy horse for you to be able to get the best out of your dog."

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