Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vizsla Trial Spring fun

March 6th and 7th. The Northern California Vizsla Club Spring Field Trial at Little Panoche Wildlife Area (Central California Valley).

Good people, good food, and great dogs.

Bailey finished second in Amateur Derby on Sunday. In Saturday we ran in Open Derby. We had some problems and didn't place, but then again there were some very good dogs and handlers.

There were some excellent field dog trainers at the event. These folk love these dogs. The good ones have learned how to communicate with Vizslas and know the temperament of the breed.

Not all pointing breeds are trained the same.

Along with training the dogs, the professionals have learned how to play the "sport of field trialing game." This is a tough sport to learn and harder to teach.

The professional has to know how to communicate with the dogs and also with the dog's owner. A paid pro to stay in business has to win for the people who put their dogs under his instruction. I have a great respect for these individuals.

Bailey gets ready for a brace against his buddy Hank. They both ran great braces. Hank came in third.

Chloe got to enjoy the spring fields also.

Bailey is professionally "stacked" for his second place finish picture. Such a good looking boy.

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