Friday, March 19, 2010

English version of Westminster won by Vizsla!

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"Crufts 2010 won by
Hungarian Vizsla
called Yogi "
by BBC

Yogi also won the Gundog group at the world famous dog show
A Hungarian Vizsla named Yogi has won Best In Show at Crufts.

The seven-year-old beat off competition from six other dogs in the culmination of the four-day show at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre (NEC).

Yogi is the first Hungarian Vizsla to win Best in Show. Handler John Thirlwell said his "wonderful dog" from Carlisle, Cumbria, is likely to retire.

Rico, a Scottish Terrier from Russia, took second prize at Crufts, the largest dog show in the world.

And Judge Valerie Foss said of the winning dog: "He is such a lovely mover, so powerful, so free.

"He is just a very, very good dog."

The Kennel Club said nearly 22,000 dogs across 187 breeds were entered into this year's Best in Show competition.

Yogi is a good looking boy.

Eng Sh Ch & Aust Ch Hungargunn Bear It n Mind


Yogi is UK’s TOP DOG 2006 & 2007. In 2006, this was by the biggest winning margin in the history of the "Dogworld Magazine" competition. Winning again in 2007 makes him one of only three dogs ever to go back-to-back.

Yogi left Australia as an All Breeds Best In Show winner and since arriving in England has won 12 BIS, 4 RUBIS, 3 BISS, 28 BIG, 7 RUBIG and 45 CC's surely becoming the world's biggest winning Vizsla considering the average number of dogs exhibited at a Champ Show in England is in excess of 10,000!

He is 2nd placed in total number of BIS won by gundog in a “lifetime” and he's achieved this in just over 2yrs and is the only gundog to win 7 BIS in one show season, which is the highest number ever won in UK.

"This Vizsla is surely the blueprint! His conformation is outstanding, all that I have read about it and studied about shoulder and hind angulation is seen in this dog.
All the proportions and angles are there,
the measurements are correct.
Well laid shoulders, the distance from withers to elbow to floor equal. His body slightly longer in length than his height. All through he answers the standard; a medium sized dog in appearance, distinguished, robust but lightly boned. As his conformation is so correct, when he moves he takes the breath away, his balance and the ground he covers demonstrate his qualities as he elegantly flows around the ring, sound as a bell.
On top of all this, his fine Gundog head has the kindest of expressions. He is a gentleman. I do indeed feel we are privileged to have the chance of sharing this handsome Vizsla with his Australian owners, we may never see another so good! All praise for his excellent condition and happy disposition." Gay Gottlieb (Russetmantle Kennels UK)


Radar Red Dog said...

Hi Rod
Yogi is certainly "interesting"...looks wise I can't see anything special (not that I'm biased of course...hee, hee!) but his gait is elegant. The one thing that is concerning many Vizsla owners/breeders in the UK is that he has sired in excess of 800 pups (!) hence effecting the future gene pool! There are also worries that all & sundry will now want a Vizsla without actually doing any research into their suitability for "the family".

John Connelly said...

Yogi also won the gun dog class. Second in gun dog was the bitch Mollie. I think I'm right in saying Mollie is Radar's half sister from the same breeder (Juliet will correct me if I'm wrong!!)

(Radar and Rio)