Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Five Month Old Pup enjoying the Open Spaces.

The experience of a new couple with their young Vizsla on a hike Saturday morning up in Briones Regional Park.  It is always a joy to share the experience of Vizslas off-leash in the open spaces of the East Bay.

"Experience: It was the first long-distance hike for our almost 5 month old joyful pup, Rocky. We couldn't have asked for better place than the Broines Park with the golden hills, water ponds, cattle and, best of all, the amazing company.
We loved the views throughout the trail and didn't realize how we quickly finished a 5 mile hike. Rocky's new friends, Bailey and Daisy, were thrilled all along with full of VIZSLA energy. Rocky had his first open water dips, finally recognizing its magic to re-energize himself.

My wife loved taking some good pics along the way enjoying the crisp morning sun."

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