Saturday, April 9, 2016

Nursing a Vizsla Back from Near Death

The daily board to monitor's Bailey's condition and medications

From the low six weeks ago, when I really thought we were losing Bailey to Valley Fever, to his returning to 50% health has been a long trail.
A good friend of mine who nursed six dogs back from this said Bailey will never be 100%.  She thinks a goal of 80% would be realistic.   I told this to the internal specialist, who has been working with me. Bailey is only her second case of Valley Fever.  She looked puzzled.  She expects a full recovery.  I explained that Bailey is an athletic dog.  When we hike 20 miles, he would mostly run 50 miles.  100% recovery to most dogs would be expected to those dog's level of energy.

I am completely fine with 80%.  He is happy and getting healthy.

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