Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pups grow up fast.

The Lily, Chloe and Bailey pack
July 4, 2011  Russian River camping
Spring 2012 Morro Bay camping

Summer 2013 Point Pinole hiking

Early Spring 2015 Mount Diablo Park hiking

Almost summer 2015 us leaving the house for a walk to the park after a rain

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Anne said...

Hello. I am have this dog whom I had as an 18th birthday gift from my dad. He just bought it from a friend, so we thought that she's just an Aspin (or a native Filipino dog breed.) She's so cute when she was just a pup and grew beautifully. But as years went by, we noticed that she's so excessively energetic and she even destroyed most of her dog collars, the motorcycle seat and even our metal door. When I take her out for a walk with my poodle, she does not walk--but RUN! She's dragging me and the poodle. And she also loves to play in the yard.

I made a research these past month and her physical traits and characteristics are much of a Vizsla.

Would it be possible to help me determine if my sweet dog is a Vizsla or even a Vizsla mix or not? There's no one I can ask here in the Philippines since they are not familiar with these type of dogs. Please help.

She's 2 years and 5 months now. Her name is Chandria.

-Anne. Philippines