Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall Hill Hike with Vizslas after the First Rain

Eight miles along the trails of Briones Regional Park this morning.  The trails were a bit muddy from the rain that had come through the area yesterday. The air was crisp.
Happy Camper - Life is Good

Chloe showing her whitening face as Bailey looks down the valley

The muscle development on these two dogs is amazing to me

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Anonymous said...


I was reading your blog and its very interesting. I have a quetion for you because I need an advice from a current Vizsla owner. I currently own a female Sheltie and its more of an indoor dog. I have a boat so I go to the beach on the weekends and having a dog that enjoys the water is a most. Some activities that I do is swimming and running in the beach. My major concern is that I work everyday from 8am-6pm. From 8am there is no one in my house other than the Sheltie until my son gets home from school at 3pm. I have a medium size backyard. On the other hand, when I get home at 6pm I like to take a 2-5 mile run. We all love the dog companionship so having a dog that is always close to us is a most. I have spoken with other Vizlsa owners and they have told me that the Vizslas are well-behaved when they are inside the house.I spoked with a dog trainer and he told me that if I exercise her (frisbee or fetch intensely) during the morning for 15 minutes and then when I get back from work run with him again I should have no problem. (Do you think the Vizsla is a good fit for us? I that exercise enough?