Saturday, July 5, 2014

Too Hot? Watch the eyes

Today on this 85+ degree summer morning, Bailey and Chloe joined me for an 90 minute hike in the Las Tramps Wilderness Area.
We came across a cow trough about 20 minutes into the hike and the dogs enjoyed a cooling dip and drink before we continued our hike.
  I use these "baths" regularly on hill hikes.

 It did not take long in the dry heat for the dogs to dry off and start getting hot again.  They run hard.
The picture below doesn't show it very well but Bailey was overheated about 45 minutes into the hike.  His nose is pinker than normal but the true thing I look for is his eyes.  If the tissue around the eyes are puffy and red, then I know he has to cool down.
We found a shade tree that we hung out under for about 10 minutes.  The dogs drank water from my camel back water pack and just relaxed.   IMPORTANT IN THE HOT MONTHS TO WATCH YOUR DOGS EYES CLOSELY.

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