Thursday, June 12, 2014

Elk Patties Merle loved

 Subject :  About Elk Sausage you make

 Hello. I love your books and your dogs.

 I have two Vizslas of my own (Bailey and Chloe).
 I wonder if you have a recipe (yes, you are really being asked for a recipe!) for the elk sausage you say Merle loved so much. How do you make it, if you don't mind sharing.

Thank you,
 Joanie (RBD's better half)

Dear Joan,
Thanks for writing and I’m glad you’ve liked the books.
The sausage Merle liked is a breakfast sausage, patty style:

2 lbs. ground elk meat
black pepper
red cracked pepper
garlic powder
chopped parsley
chopped onion (very fine)

Mix everything together, form into patties, fry or grill.

All my best,

Ted Kerasote

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