Friday, September 27, 2013

Picture on the Wall

Contemporary Hunters and their Gun Dogs: Photography Series by Jesse Freidin, Museum June 5 – September 29, 2013

"Jesse Freidin's intimate, vibrant, and fresh compositions have a modern appeal, yet in essence preserve two traditions. In the series of fifteen portraits and candid images entitled American Sporting Heritage: A Portrait Survey of Contemporary Hunters and their Gun Dogs, the California and New York-based photographer focuses on the relationship between the hunter, the gun dog and the landscape. Working with medium-format cameras, Freidin develops his own film. An exacting and precise artistic process, he creates his rich and tonally balanced pieces using traditional techniques in an age when digital photography and computer post-processing have overtaken the photographic medium."

Posted a year and a half ago:

(E-mail yesterday)

Great to hear from you. Your blog is wonderful, as always, and I'm so glad you guys are back in the field. Are you and Bailey scheduled for a bunch of trails this year?
Everyone really enjoyed the image of you and Bailey at Hastings which I included in the 'American Sporting Heritage' exhibit at The National Sporting Library and Museum- I was out there a few weeks ago for a very well attended gallery talk which was a lot of fun. If you ever have time to get out to Virginia, I'd highly suggest stopping by the museum- it's an incredible resource (with a library and amazing rare book room), and incredible collection of sporting art. I spent many hours enjoying the art work and can't wait to go back. Great community of sportspeople out there.

Best of luck this season, and I look forward to keeping in touch."

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