Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Safe Travel Crates for Vizslas

At home we have plenty of room for crates and have large plastic ones the dogs sleep in.
But in the Jeep Liberty or the Volkswagen Golf, room is very limited.  Safe transportation of Bailey and Chloe is important to us.

A couple weeks ago I found on Dogs Unlimited's website the crates shown below.  Ruff Tough Kennels are made in Tea, South Dakota.

 Bailey is 63 pounds and Chloe is 42 pounds.  Both fit comfortably in the intermediate-sized crate.
 We use a towel at the bottom of the crate for comfort.  Otherwise,the almost indestructible plastic shell of the crate is bare.  On a rough dirt road this may be a problem as the dogs would bounce around.    I am protecting my dogs from the stupid city and freeway drivers that we share the roads with.  For that purpose these are superior than store bought two piece plastic or wire mesh crates.  There are crates for the avid outdoorsman with full padding on the inside and those serve that purpose much better.  They just don't fit in our vehicles. 

  For the 90+ percent that just want safe, well made transportation crates; these do the job IMHO.

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