Sunday, April 21, 2013

Las Trampas Spring Hike with Vizslas

The video was shot around 9:30 a.m. overlooking the Diablo Valley from the hills west of the little town of Alamo, California.
The crunching sound you hear at the end of the video, as I discovered a minute later, is the remains of a fawn taken maybe two days ago by coyotes or a mountain lion.   Not a fresh kill, but close.
Bailey seeing if there is anything eatable left of the carcass.
The two dogs had just hunted down a ground squirrel about 10 minutes before I shot this video.  It was their first of the season.  They have learned to work together as a hunting team.  There are thousands of ground squirrels in our hills.  They are lucky to get one a season.  But Chloe finds her "huntress" everytime they stalk and chase these quick little rodents.  They do not get to eat these RAW treats.
This 11 mile hike added to our 6 month total.
1,124 miles since October 6, 2012 when I got a "smart phone" with an app to count my steps. 2,109,459 as of the end of this walk.
The dogs are the best "gym" I have ever joined. I can safely say that I feel in better shape now at 59 then I did at 49.

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