Sunday, February 3, 2013

Viz Whizz in Briones

At the summit of Mount Mott
 A pack of nine Hungarian Pointers and an honorary 18-month-old Vizsla (Golden Retriever) set out into Briones Regional Park on a glorious mid-winter's day. 
Briones trailmap
 The air was crisp and a light breeze came from the west.
Walking along Toyon Canyon Trail
The trails were moist from rain a week ago.  The earth was fresh with new grass.
An hour into the hike a pond was a refreshing break for the dogs. 
Three hours and seven miles made for some tired dogs.  They ran, swam and played like the dogs might in heaven.


Anonymous said...

Are there any future vizsla get-togethers coming up?

Rod Michaelson said...

The Yahoo group "VizslaWalk" is where I post walks we take in the hills or at the beach. Usually there is a VizWhiz at Point Pinole every Sunday at 9:30am.