Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boondocking with Vizslas

"The word boondock originated early in the 20th century from American military servicemen serving in the Philippines. It comes from a Tagalog word for mountain bundok. They started using it to mean a rural, remote, bushy area. When they came home they developed the slang word "boonies". The RV community adopted the word to use it to describe remote camping in rural areas. So if you were going fishing in your truck camper to a remote National or State Park, when you got there you were camping in the boondocks. Since you had no hook-ups, but were self-sufficient, you were boondocking."
- Bob Wells (

 Our 27 foot Lazy Daze is a great boondocking rig.  With its on board generator, large water storage tanks, waste water tanks and propane, one can "boondock" for a couple weeks or more never needing more supplies than you brought along.
 In the deserts around Quartzsite, Arizona in the winter, you will come across THOUSANDS of people "boondocking" on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas.
 Solar panels charge the batteries and run 12-volt electrical systems during the day.  Running everything off the batteries during the night, or if need be, firing up the generator to charge up the batteries more, or run the microwave or in the summer, the air conditioning.

 My Honda Trail 90 or mountain bike, carried on the back of the motorhome, is how I get around once I have set up camp.
Bailey looking over Quartzsite from the hills to the southwest.

Most full-time RV types I came across have small "toy" class dogs.  Very few had bigger dogs for obvious reasons.  Space in an RV is  very limited.  But there are many hunters among the RV owners.  Many of them knew what my dogs were.  "Vizsla?  Right?"

Some areas of the deserts of the Southwest are EMPTY. 

 With the advent of the smart phone and the cell phone systems, even out here I could call someone anywhere in the world, or search the web.  I did this as little as possible.


Kind of disappointing in a way that you can't "get away from it all."  But on the other hand, if you were in trouble, it was good to know help was just a call away.


Michelle Ress said...

Nice pictures and blog, thanks for sharing. Michelle Ress

Ramon said...

Hello Red Bird Dog! Actually the correct word for Mountain in the Philippines is "Bundok". Yes, we also have the same contextual use for the word as "Boonies".

Post More Photos of Ducati while at the Willowwynd Winter Training Ranch.

Our best regards from Asia!