Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vizslas on a Hill Hike in the Rain

 The rain came over night.  Saturday morning we hike.  So in 50 degree cold rain we headed out on to the trails in Briones.
 The dogs loved it and ran with abandon in the empty spaces.  During the summer, these trails have dozens of hikers.  Today the only person we came upon was a lone lady with her umbrella and small dog.
 The trails were slick with a clay mud up on the upper parts of the hill ridges.  Walking down was tough, so instead of walking I ran flat-footed knowing that there was no stopping gracefully until I got to the bottom.  How to make a normal hike into an adventure.


Ashley Qualls said...

Wish we could join you! I did some hunt training in the rain last weekend and learned that my boots are not waterproof... oops! Looks like I have another item to add to my Xmas list. :)

Sharkbytes said...

I don't like walks in the rain at 50 degrees, but I'm glad you had fun! Just came to say hi. My mom doesn't blog about me all the time (I don't know why), but sometimes she does, and she does like Vizslas. Maggie the Vizsla.