Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vizsla Stalking Rabbit

Entertainment can be a mixture of boredom, anticipation and excitement. 

 The "what is going to happen next" moment.

Hunting can like that.  This video above was taken in an abandoned housing tract out near where we hunt pheasant.  Bailey loves to chase jackrabbits.  They are very fast and live on top of the ground.  The only way Bailey "thinks" he can catch one is to come up to it silently and by smell locate it before it sprints away.  Any minute, any second the chase could start (or not).

A pheasant hunt is a completely different activity.  Bailey charges to the field, nose up.  When he "gathers" in the scent of the pheasant, he slams to a stop thereby "pinning" the pheasant from running or flying away.  This is how a good pointer works with an upland-bird hunter.
An earlier post from last year about jack rabbit hunting:

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Nebraska Pheasant Hunting said...

We don't have pheasants to hunt here in Utah anymore, but we raise them on the farm and cheat and kill and eat them for Christmas. Nowhere near as fun as hunting them, for sure!