Monday, November 22, 2010

Bailey goes into field trial "rehab"

What Bailey should have looked like on pheasant hunt
Bailey has just spent 10 days in "field trial" rehab with our professional trainer:
Randy Berry.

 When a rookie, like me, goes out and has a grand old time in South Dakota with his dog but forgets to "handle the dog" during the excitement of the hunt, then when you come back to the "real world" - rehab will be in order. 
Bailey went with Randy down to California City and they worked off horseback for a couple days and did some other bird work. 

Over the last four days, I have gone out and worked with Bailey and Randy at Hastings Island.  We have been honing back the skills we will need to compete in next weekend's German Wirehair Pointer field trial out at Kistler Ranch (near Jamestown, California.)

We have Bailey "tuned back up." 

He is still only "green broke" and subject to the mistakes that a young
 28-month-old dog with a rookie handler will make.
taken from horseback at Kistler Ranch
 Will he win in the two gun dog stakes we are entered in? 

On the one hand, the chances of winning are very long.
After a good run at Kistler Ranch last spring
On the other hand,  Bailey should be competitive.
  This is what makes the sport enjoyable - win or lose.

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