Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hunting with my Granddaughter

 For those who have followed Redbirddog over the years, you have seen Lily grow from a newborn to now going hunting with Bailey and me.  What a great day for a proud grandfather.
 Lily has no fear.  Last year she helped dress a pheasant I brought home and make pheasant noodle soup.  This year she went into the fields and followed Bailey and me as we hunted for 2 hours.
 At the club house, I asked a man to take these two pictures.  He was almost in tears as he took the pictures.  He was hunting for the first time with his daughter, who was 20 and just back for winter break from college.  It was so cool for both of us "old guys" to have our girls with us in the fields.

 Now to figure out how to cook these two birds.  So many options.

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