Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thirty Hikes in Thirty Days

Bailey and Chloe got quite the workout these last 30 days.
Along the trails up in Briones Regional Park
  Established a goal set on January, 15th to hike 30 long hikes of 5 miles or more each and every day. Here are just 7 pictures of adventures.

In the Mount Diablo foothills

 digging in the soft sand in Quartzsite, Arizona after a ground squirrel
hiking along the ocean beach in Ventura at the Channel Island Harbor
Enjoying a cool dip in the Castle Rock stream in Walnut Creek

viewing the hills ahead in Las Trampas Wilderness.
We made that goal on February, 14 and then some.  185 miles of trails in 30 days.  Dogs are getting in good shape.
  Doing this body good also.
Join us any time.  We almost always enjoy company.
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Overlooking the San Ramon Valley from Las Trampas

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Corran Beban said...

well done on reaching your goal! looks like it as a fun time for you and your dogs! Your dogs are in amazing shape! We just got a Vizsla pup, I hope I can bring him up to be in as great shape as your dogs.