Sunday, November 1, 2009

Early November walk at Point Pinole

Sunday morning in the SF East Bay. Twenty Vizslas and their owners took a walk along the shores of the San Francisco Bay at Point Pinole Regional Park. We had pups from six months old up through senior dogs well over 14-years old.

The Yahoo Group: Vizslawalk, run by Kay Ingle, makes it easy for the "Bay Area Vizsla Family" to join together for walks and bike rides. You just go to the Yahoo group and check for a posting of a walk or ride.

Chloe had hurt her front leg within 15 minutes of the start of the walk, and I thought she had broken it by the cries of pain she let out when I touched her right front lower leg. So I told the group I would see them next time, as I carried Chloe back towards the car. After we had walked a few hundred yards, I sat her down on the ground to check out the leg. She favored her front leg but was able to place weight on it. Chloe wanted to re-join the group walk, and she headed out toward the dogs and people who continued up the trail.

She ended up being fine and by this afternoon showed no signs of injury. She is wrestling energetically now with her brother as I edit this post.

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