Sunday, April 14, 2013

OutFox Headgear 2013 Foxtail Season

 I waited until this weekend to bring out the OutFox headgear for Bailey and Chloe.  I brought them out for the first part of our walk in the Redwoods Regional Park in the Oakland Hills.
 On both sides of the trail leaving the parking lot were green but very plentiful foxtails enjoying the heat of the sun.  We had picked Redwood Regional Park because many of the trails dip deep into heavy redwood forests where foxtails can not live.   For the next four months Bailey and Chloe will wear this headgear.
The folks we came across on the hike were intrigued by this "beekeeper helmet" on the dogs.  Once we told them their purpose, the universal response was: "BRILLIANT IDEA!"

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