Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Walnut Creek California - Very Nature and Dog Friendly City

 Living in Walnut Creek California is a joy for a dog owner who enjoys hill hiking.

We just went hiking in the Shell Ridge Open Space about 5 miles from our home.  There is this new sign along the trail that discusses how in the 1970's, 2,500 acres were set aside as open space.  The most of any city in the country.  Here as long as you carry a 6' leash, and your dogs have good recall, you may hike the 31 miles of trails with the dogs off-leash.


I have hiked all 31 miles many times and posted many Redbirddog posts from these wonderful trails. 
The hills now are turning back from brown to green.  Our red bird dogs always enjoy the freedom to run with abandon in these hills.

Paco and Loezsie had a wonderful romp.  Now they are sleeping peacefully on the couch next to me.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas off-lead hike in the local hills

 Nice to continue a tradition of the Christmas morning hike with Vizslas here in our local hills.

It takes us at least two weeks before we allow the Vizslas we board to run off-lead.  We HAVE to make sure they have great recall to us.  This human-dog connection takes time to develop. 

Some of the dogs never get this opportunity.  Depending on what their humans are comfortable with us doing with their Vizslas and how long they are with us.

With Paco and Loezsie, we are now comfortable.  They are great in nature.  Never off lead near anywhere where there is car traffic.  

Rebirth of Redbirddog as Vizsla Grandparents

 Here it is Christmas 2023 and lying next to me as I write this post are two wonderful Vizslas.

Here are Paco and Loezsie who have joined us for two weeks as their humans have gone on vacation.

They came for three weeks last summer.  We are really enjoying getting our Vizsla fix as it is going on two years since we lost Bailey and Chloe.  

In this next chapter of our dog life, we are contemplating becoming "VGs."  Honorary grandparents for those who have these wonderful dogs but need to get away for a bit and need their Vizslas given temporary housing or need someone to stay at their house for a week or more.

We are grandparents to four two-legged grandchildren currently, but in a few years they will be all grown up and we will be free to do more traveling.  

Redbirddog when I was active reached over a million views all over the world.  Many folks got to know Bailey and Chloe as they grew up and then passed over the rainbow bridge.  My wife and I adore Vizslas.  

There is a company, "Trustedhousesitters," that I will be investigating on joining sometime in the future.  We will be low key in this and only sit Vizslas. 

We have no intention of making this a business.  Just a win-win-win situation for Vizsla owners who can't just leave these special beings in kennels. For the Vizsla(s) that will get the love and exercise they require to be happy.  For us to do some traveling and exploring new places while we get to be "grandparents" to these amazing creatures.

Merry Christmas to all the Vizsla owners out there that still might be linked to this blog.  

Fun times now with Paco and Loezsie until January 6th.  We will miss them, but lots of hikes in the meantime.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Good bye Bailey. You were a good dog.


Bailey left this life a few weeks ago to join Chloe as only fond memories.
  His "Dog's Purpose" had been fulfilled.
 He had such a full life!

 We had the final good bye today

 We used some of his ashes to give nutrients to a couple nice cherry trees planted in our yard.

Granddaughters helped with the planting.

We all loved this dog.  He will live in our hearts forever.

Happy trails and trials to all the Vizsla lovers out there. 
Enjoy each day you have with these special dogs.